Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Murphy Show

We had mucho fun at the Murphy!

Dave said "I didn't know people went ALL OUT
setting up like this! "

wish I got a picture of the cool Bar that 'Duece' sported! 

They had a bluegrass band 
playing for us as we set up 
in the evening, and they were really fun to listen to. They even played the theme
to The Beverly Hillbillies..
Ellie Mae's favorite.
The museum was open for us to look around in and pick out which car we WISH we could tow our trailers home with...
I'll take the little red Corvette please.

We BBQ'd and had fun chatting with 
the other trailer

Sat I was the only trailer without an awning 
we felt a bit naked. 
Guess that will be next on the list.

I need to find a cheap way to get one..may just have to make one from a dropcloth, or get a used EZup for now.

Thank God I had my little cheapie umbrella.

Bobi, Carolyn, Dave and Pheebs

It was so busy I didn't get a chance to spend much time looking at everyone else's trailers. 
 I did manage to snap a few pictures, but not enough! 

David the organizer said about 
500 people came out and that 
Dr. Murphy was very pleased. 

The best part for me was meeting a few of the gals I have been chatting with on the forums & facebook..
Can't wait to hang out with you'll again in Buellton!
WIPED OUT after it was all done

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