Thursday, August 29, 2013

good idea..

I just ran across this clip of a gal who
rents her 'bubbles' (?) to travelers on AirBnB looks like she's in San Diego somewhere?
Makes me wish I had a little more land for Ellie Mae and a few friends!

                                                           Click here to see the little video

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

table trials .....part 2

So we have a bit of a failure going on at the moment.
Right now this table is banished to the garage for bad behavior. I am seriously thinking about getting a different glue and trying again.
Epoxy? E-6000? Gorilla Glue?
Not sure yet.

Since I changed the Formica, I wasn't digging my front curtains that much. I loved the pattern, but they were just clashing. It needed some turquoise in it.

 So I went digging around in my piles of tablecloths, found a better match and sewed
new ones. 
I think it ties in much better

The disco globe is going to get changed too...and the Slow Down sign we just popped up there temporarily
to hide the hole where the propane light was...I need to decide what to do there.
Little details.

While up in Ojai for work, my friend and & I decided to check out the Flying Flags RV Resort...where the
Buellton Vintage Trailer Bash is going to be held. 
I am so glad we checked it out.
 It is really beautiful and now I am super excited about camping there!

Most of the spots are wonderfully

shady and have nice grass.

Phoebe wanted to check out the larger grassy areas...

This is a Boles Aero..check it out..
it has two doors!

The park has lots of vintage trailers
 people can rent and camp

This is going to be FUN!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

table trials...

Between work craziness, 
 4 wild dogs
for my friends..
getting a new TV and 
a new has been a bit hectic.

But finally we did something for Ellie Mae!
It's time for the table to match the counter.

I figured this wouldn't be hard. It looks pretty easy on the YouTube videos after all.
Smear the glue, wait a bit, slap it together and then just trim off the edges.
Piece of 

Well...try it with Formica that has been curled up in a roll
 "since before we were born"
 quips Dave...

Not so easy! 

And the super-duper glue I found that's supposed to be the BEST (and therefore, no longer available)
ended up not co-operating at all.

It's like the glue and the Formica took one look at each other and it was 
hate at 1st sight.

We weighed it down with whatever heavy stuff was laying around..
and checked it the next day.
It looked great! 
Dave buzzed the router around it and we admired our job.
For about 10 minutes.

Then it started to lift!

So, more glue, more weight,
and now we are giving it a few days under all the junk..

Keep your fingers crossed!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

this and that

Saturday's haul from the good ol' swap:

I love the wood and aluminum combo on this chair. Plus, it is super comfortable!
It will probably get sold at the Buellton Trailer Bash, but then again, you can never have too many 
camping chairs, right?
This is a terrible picture, but I was excited to find these vintage pink and gold textured placemats. 
I get happy about the dumbest things
They are a lot nicer than they look here.

and this cutie, which I will sell

Great color, right?

Ellie Mae is Ms. August on the Glamping Forum!
Yay! Not bad for a 50 Year Old!


Meanwhile, in the awning Dept..
I had to bring in the big guns.

That awning kicked my butt. 

Not because it is so hard (IT WAS) but because I have too small a space and just can't handle it!
Lucky for me, Bobbi loves to sew, has an
awesome machine and a giant table.

Gosh it's great to have friends that will help you. Thanks Bobbi, I owe you one!
Today it's back to the swap to see if
I can find the gal that was going to bring me spools of this.
Wish me luck!

Here's the Leo Carrillo Beach B-Day thing..I haven't heard back if we are in, but the chances are good.
Looks like a great time!