Thursday, June 6, 2013


Today I went to pick up my 
quilted stainless steel for Ellie Mae's backsplash.

Some girls get excited about Manolo's,

or a day at the Spa..
me, it's quilted stainless steel.
~wow, maybe that means I am no longer qualified 
to live here in the OC?
and perhaps a little insight as to 
why I am still single?~

Dave was a bit stressed 
out about cutting it...
but it cut like BUTTER with a grinder, 
with no discoloration or even heat!

Dave hides his disbelief

I can already tell I LOVE it!

Things are moving along so fast 
I realized Ellie Mae is almost DONE! 
Once the countertop is finished, then all that is really left is the floor, but that isn't a biggie.
I am almost sad, because the restoration 
was such great fun. 
These things are never really "done" of course because you can always do something better..
(cabinets...some of mine suck, etc) 
but I am not a perfectionist.
I can live with some roughness.

I'm pretty happy with her overall!

1 comment:

  1. The backsplash looks amazing. Just love that pattern and shine!! Good choice!

    And if you ever miss doing restoration tasks, you know where you can go to help take care of that feeling LOL!