Saturday, February 23, 2013

All dressed up....

...and nowhere to go.

 ~ Our photo shoot got rescheduled.~

Well, it ended up okay because we got eLLIE mAE all spiffed up and pretty.

All set to go....
I ended up putting in a piece of indoor/outdoor carpet just to cover the ugly beat up wood floor until I can find flooring
I like.

I can't believe how much that one detail changes the whole trailer! 
Now it seems so clean and cozy,
I can finally say I would camp in this thing!

 So since we were all hitched up anyway, 
I got some lessons on how to tow and back up a trailer.
NOT as easy as you would think. 

I will need more practice for

    We got tons of these ^ from other drivers..but only Dave & Bobbi noticed..
I was too paranoid driving to see anything else!


Monday, February 11, 2013

we got a spot...

Yay! In Sept. we're going to
the Buellton Vintage Trailer Rally

These Vintage Trailer Rallies look so fun..there are all kinds of activities and a full day where all trailers are open to the public to tour.
They sell out within days too so I was lucky to get a spot!
Buellton is close to Santa Barbara where I bought my trailer, so
hopefully I will get to meet the gal who tipped me off to her.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

1st Photoshoot!

We have our wings...

we had to get them on, because
Ellie Mae has her 1st photo shoot scheduled!

Thanks to Regina at
she'll be featured by this amazing husband and wife team:

I love the dreamy look to their work.

The location will be at a local beach.

I'm so excited..this will be a blast.