Sunday, June 2, 2013

1st Real Outing..

This is the first time I hitched up and went somewhere all by myself!
yes...I was

We had SUCH fun at the Ivy Street Vintage Flea Market, put on by "Cottage Charm" in Murrieta...even though it 
MUST have been the hottest 
and most humid day in Temecula E.V.E.R

Ellie Mae was a big hit too. 
The gals at Cottage Charm said people drove in the day before 
~ all day ~ 
to see if there was a "for sale" sign on her.

Okay, I will admit it, I got there a day early just to make sure I could get her parked in the spot without a problem! LOL

I even had one of my customer's who drives a horse trailer all the time..on call, as the 'back-up plan' intended)

Thanks Teresa, I didn't need you, THIS time, but I still have you 
on speed-dial!

Despite the crazy heat, Bunny and I both sold a TON of stuff and met some great people. 
We will do it again for sure!

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