Friday, September 5, 2014

awww...feelin' loved

Okay, I have a confession. I didn't start this blog about Ellie Mae because I wanted followers, or anything remotely like that.

I didn't figure ANYONE besides my BFF Bunny and maybe my mom would look.
If that.
I did it because I have the World's WORST MEMORY and forget almost everything immediately after it happens...
so I thought if I did this I might perhaps recall some of the journey later on. 

so... when I get a comment about my blog, it's like a miracle.

It's like that Christmas when you got a BIKE!


Ellie Mae did actually have another adventure I have been meaning to blog about...
this time in lovely Santa Barbara, at a 
car show put on by the Elks Lodge and Fay, the gal who found Ellie Mae for me.
Talk about full circle eh?

This is Fay and Chuck's "Deuce"..
a 1963 Shasta - same year as Ellie Mae -
but a rare 'rear-door' model. 
Plus Deuce has a SHOWER and a POTTY!

 The awesome Nomad was such a perfect match we had to get a picture of them both together.

Sadly, Fay & Chuckie didn't take the Nomad home. 
 I pushed hard for it, trust me.

Here are a few more shots of the totally fun event, which was for a great cause, and a wonderful time was had by all as well!

That's me, & Pheebs...reflected in the bumper of a BEAUTIFUL 56 T-Bird

Fun Flame jobs!

I will ALWAYS have a soft spot in my heart for Corvettes..

and SS Camero's...


 yes, there were trailers too!

and nice folks, great eats and our dogs...
What more could you want?

How about a '56 T-BIRD to match your trailer?
In my dreams!

 We had a great time. These events are always over too soon.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

goings on..

Yup, it's been too long since I blogged anything. Life.
I got a new boss...had a sales meeting, blah blah blah.

We DID go a few fun things though..
like the 2nd Annual
 Murphy Auto Museum Vintage Trailer show, 
and had a blast, as always!

I think we had more people this time,
David Neel really outdid himself. 
The place is lookin' AWESOME David!

Not to mention how awesome the people looked!
Trailer folks are sexy too!

SO much style!

Dapper Gents!!

Adults Only in this one!
 Next event: 
"Groovin' in the Grove"
Car show in Santa Barbara!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


On the way home.
Coachella is over, at least for us.

It wasn't hard to figure out who else was going home..

      traffic CRAWLED most of the way home. 
Since there was a sandstorm during the event,
I had LOTS to clean up.


Sand was EVERYWHERE...
but I just kept chipping away at it
and now Ellie Mae is 
clean & happy again!

I just found this cute video from Old Navy.

Look for da Pink trailer!

Monday, April 14, 2014


Coachella looks like a ton of fun!
...if you're young and gorgeous!


I wish I was younger/cuter/hipper 
so I could have been the one going to the party, instead of my trailer. Hey, she's 50 years old too....she just got cooler..
 while I got old.

Ellie Mae's gig, part 2

Here are a few snaps I grabbed of the
 Old Navy site getting set up.

They asked me not to post any photos until after the event, which is fair...
I don't want to spoil the surprise! 

That's the entry..pretty cool eh?
The red carpet was going in later.

The yarn things are cute! Someone said they had 5 people working like mad to make them.
I believe it, 'cause these things were EVERYWHERE! 

It's a mess, they still have a LOT to do..
and the event is only a couple days away, but considering this was a dirt lot a few days ago, it's pretty cool!

Pheebs hung out in the shade and watched people work. She's no dummy. It's HOT!

yup, they have Teepees too!

I can't wait to see what the final, finished setup looks like. 
They invited me to the party, but no way am I 'hip' enough for that...LOL.

I may peek in, if I am down there, but hopefully Regina will snap some photos during the party.

more to follow....

Friday, April 11, 2014

Old Navy Party continued..

Time to haul Ellie Mae down to her gig, the Old Navy Party in Coachella.
Dave & Michael, Tim and Bobbi came over to help me move her out of her little space
and get her all spiffy.

Next morning, I take off and all is well!

As I'm hauling down the freeway, people are suddenly waving at me, and not in the
 'Hi your trailer is really cute" kinda way,
but in a "something's wrong" kind of way.

Uh oh.

A truckload of guys shouted
 "You are dragging your bumper!"

I'm not sure, but THIS may have been me!

Sure enough, I get pulled over and get my spare tire off...eeek!


My new motto 

So, we made it there with no other mishaps.  But the event staff wasn't ready for us.

No worries, 'just park them over there' the
event planner said, as she sweated in the heat. They all flew in from NY to do this job. 

I'll just wait here till y'all are ready for me....

Archive's teeny trailer

PRISTINE Airstream

Regina's new Airstream is a BEAUTY! I wish I had time to snap some photos of the inside when I had a chance. It's totally original, and everything works. Hubby says they found it on Craigslist and the only thing they had to do to it was re-tile the floor. 
Dang, I am jealous!
 (I could never haul such a large trailer..but  would love the Bambi version of this!)

Party set-up pictures to follow...