Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More Murphy..

These fantastic photos were taken by 
To see more of his shots 
of the other gorgeous trailers 
click here:

Thanks Naru!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Murphy Show

We had mucho fun at the Murphy!

Dave said "I didn't know people went ALL OUT
setting up like this! "

wish I got a picture of the cool Bar that 'Duece' sported! 

They had a bluegrass band 
playing for us as we set up 
in the evening, and they were really fun to listen to. They even played the theme
to The Beverly Hillbillies..
Ellie Mae's favorite.
The museum was open for us to look around in and pick out which car we WISH we could tow our trailers home with...
I'll take the little red Corvette please.

We BBQ'd and had fun chatting with 
the other trailer

Sat I was the only trailer without an awning 
we felt a bit naked. 
Guess that will be next on the list.

I need to find a cheap way to get one..may just have to make one from a dropcloth, or get a used EZup for now.

Thank God I had my little cheapie umbrella.

Bobi, Carolyn, Dave and Pheebs

It was so busy I didn't get a chance to spend much time looking at everyone else's trailers. 
 I did manage to snap a few pictures, but not enough! 

David the organizer said about 
500 people came out and that 
Dr. Murphy was very pleased. 

The best part for me was meeting a few of the gals I have been chatting with on the forums & facebook..
Can't wait to hang out with you'll again in Buellton!
WIPED OUT after it was all done

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

back on track..

Things are looking up!
I found a local guy to put my cherished Textolite
laminate top on the counter..

(with only 2 DAYS left before the trailer

Andy at Kiwi Fabricators 
did a great job:
bad cellphone pic, sorry

Even though I didn't have a big enough piece to do it without a bit of seaming it came out fantastic.

any of you that read this blog and  actually SEE Ellie Mae someday will
have the good manners not to notice the seams I hope..
In the less exciting department, the new plywood underneath is all caulked and painted,

So NO water and NO SPIDERS
or worse can get in.

Today will be the big push to get the countertop done, and all the other millions  
of things put back together inside.
I got a call from the lady on Craigslist that had the pink laminate, and she found another BIG piece up in her father's garage..
so I can now have a table that matches!

of course the price is much more, but what can you do? I have to have it.
I was able to talk her down $50..
so at least that will help!

Faith in Craigslist somewhat restored!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Craigslist %^%%$# RANT...WARNING...bad words..

I have a love/hate relationship with Craigslist.
I want to love it, because it is free and 
it does come in handy when you need to make something disappear.

ANYTHING you list as 'free' is gone in
half a second, tops.

mostly because of all the FLAKES that troll on there.

Say you advertise a job you need done. 
You get instant responses from people 1000s of miles away, who really want the work, or people who say they are qualified, but don't leave a phone number.

Excuse me, I didn't mention I was 

 in the ad..don't make me try, 
it gives me a headache.

And, last, but certainly most COMMON, 
are the folks that actually seem to BE qualified,
but just can't do it TODAY, or tomorrow, or over the weekend, but for SURE can do it Monday, but when Monday rolls around they don't have the part, yadda, yadda, yadda.

The BEST part (my personal favorite part) 
is, when you repost the ad again, 
THAT guy gets all bent and sends you snarky email.
Because we had a DEAL, that somehow he just couldn't firm up, but we did anyway????

to which I say:

Craigslist FLAKES!

(You know who you are, Mr. formica installer 
in Garden Grove CA.
There is a special place in 

 for all C-Fs, and it looks VERY much 
like the DMV in Bell Gardens on a Monday morning, 
and is JUST as eternal. 
Btw, you are second to LAST in the line and the troll behind you has a huge boner.)


Why yes..I DO feel much better, thanks for asking!

Now I can get back to the 
rainbows & unicorns 
that my life is(mostly) made of.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A DIY Pinterest project..

While at the Vintage Flea, Bun & I noticed folks were very tentative about going inside the trailer.

 I have s*#& FOR SALE in there people...

So we resorted to making a sign out of leftover cardboard...
which promptly
thanked us by falling off

~most likely trying to end it's sorry existence. 
I am not very good at hand lettering.~ 

So today, since the only thing I sell is out of stock and I have nothing to do...
I thought I would try to make a cool sign to hang up on the door that might let people know it is OKAY to go in and have a looky.

So, #1, it has to be lightweight and not scratch anything.
# 2. It has to be cheap.
#3. It has to look 'retro'.

Hello Pinterest!

I had this saved, because I loved the vintage look...

I also found a Tutorial for making vintage Letters with lights...SO awesome and easy looking!
(like THIS)

So I thought, I can do this! 
I can make a cute sign
that will hang on the door, and will be lightweight and vintage looking at the same time!

Okay. I cut out an arrow after finding a cute pic online. 
I used foam board I already had.
(CHEAP, remember?)
I glued/taped it all together. 
Here's the general idea:

3 layers..but who's counting?
 I had to print the "Come In" 3 times onto tissue paper before I got a good one, but hey, it's my first time, okay? 

ModPodge is my new friend!
It's not done, 
I will have to paint the arrow and find a string of battery operated 'mini-lights' to insert in it, but so far I am pretty happy with it!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dirty Jobs...

Dave said I have to take care of the underside of Ellie Mae.
I had no idea what to expect. 
Luckily for us Dave has a friend with a fantastic
Ellie Mae got a big lift!

The underside was easy to break out, but gross! We are filthy...but it's all done and 
clean, clean, clean.

Now we will either put hardibacker up, or
just shoot it with the undercoat stuff.
Dave's going to do a little thinking on
the best way to proceed. He's really happy
with what he saw under there. Once we got all the cardboard like stuff off, he said he was surprised at what great shape it's in!

Ellie Mae gets to hang out 
up there tonight while
we do some research.

And tons of spiders are now looking for new homes..Thank God!

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Today I went to pick up my 
quilted stainless steel for Ellie Mae's backsplash.

Some girls get excited about Manolo's,

or a day at the Spa..
me, it's quilted stainless steel.
~wow, maybe that means I am no longer qualified 
to live here in the OC?
and perhaps a little insight as to 
why I am still single?~

Dave was a bit stressed 
out about cutting it...
but it cut like BUTTER with a grinder, 
with no discoloration or even heat!

Dave hides his disbelief

I can already tell I LOVE it!

Things are moving along so fast 
I realized Ellie Mae is almost DONE! 
Once the countertop is finished, then all that is really left is the floor, but that isn't a biggie.
I am almost sad, because the restoration 
was such great fun. 
These things are never really "done" of course because you can always do something better..
(cabinets...some of mine suck, etc) 
but I am not a perfectionist.
I can live with some roughness.

I'm pretty happy with her overall!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Craigslist SCORE!

Everyone who has looked at this blog 
(all 3 of you...hi Bunny)
that the countertop thing has been a 
thorn in my side.

Well, I decided I'd look on Craigslist today, not really expecting anything
..and what did I find?

I emailed the lady, she says someone is coming out Sat to look at it. 
I say, "look, I NEED this. I'll give you double".

She says "SOLD".

Unfortunately, it isn't enough to do the counter AND the table.
But whatever, it was so perfect I had to get it.
I can do the countertop Dave says.
The table usually has a tablecloth anyway, and maybe I can find a matching solid pink for the table.
This pattern is from the late 1950's and you can't even find a picture of it! 

I feel pretty lucky, even though I didn't get enough of it for the whole trailer.


In OTHER kitchen news, I also found a local source for the quilted stainless steel backsplash, and that will be ready to pick up 
We might actually be close to lookin' GOOD for our little Trailer Show in Oxnard!