Monday, November 26, 2012

all systems GO!

Yesterday Dave was fired UP...his goal was
to get everything operational..

hard to see...but the burners are blazing!

so we now have fire
The oven is in and fully operational..
The table has a new functional leg..

...and I have running water!

no hot water...but eventually I might have a small under-the-counter water heater put in. Dave plumbed it all for eventual upgrades.

  It's coming together!

Some things I still need are laminate for the counter and tabletop, a bed, the vent trim put back on, and the backsplash.
And flooring.  

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Exciting stuff.?.
 The water tanks are here.

Here they are, in their new home under the dinette seats. Dave said I could have a outside water fill put in, but that would mean cutting another hole through the body, near the door. 
I don't want to add more holes. 
He says I may change my mind, but the less I have to mutilate the outer skin I just had painted 
 work the better.
I like original, or as close to it as we can get.
As it stands I will have to slide the seat forward to add water to the tank, but you have to suffer a bit for beauty's sake, right?
 Ellie Mae also got her Shasta sticker put on.
Bobi helped

 I think it looks a bit too much to the right..but that is how it measured. 

..also due to a trailer parked in front of Ellie Mae, I couldn't get a dead on front photo. 
If I still don't like it, I'll see about moving it tomorrow.
 There isn't much I can do while Dave is wiring, plumbing and installing all the stuff, so all I really did today was polish the window trim. 

Sigh. Polishing is never done. 
Don't even get me started about all the rain spots on her after this last rain!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

more flea market finds..

Another score!

I went to my swap today, not expecting much since it was rainy..but then I saw this!


It looks gold, but that's just a yellowed coating over the chrome,  it will look great once I get it cleaned up. I love a bargain!
Here is a trailer with it's bar cart and vintage goodies.

Dave's working on all the wiring..battery, water pump, etc.
It's complicated. He says I need 2 inverters, a deep cycle marine battery, etc. Yawn.

We ordered custom water tanks for under the seats. Dave has a sweet connection for those, thank God.

That stuff isn't as fun to spend $$ on, to be honest. I'd rather be decorating! 

But I DO want to be able to run everything at once, LOL, so I am glad Dave knows what he's doing.
I just hope it isn't like this when it is done.


Saturday, November 17, 2012


My oven panels are done!
.. it only took like a MONTH or more..grr

But it looks so much better.
  I HATED that grey with a passion. The yellow is nice, not too dark or light.
I look forward to using it now!
Before: YUCK

The sink got done again, and now it is perfect.
We installed the light, and I am on the fence about it. I love the starbursts..but the size is somewhat out of proportion.
I'll leave it for now but I really wish I could find the same globe in a smaller size.

Does it look like a Disco Ball?
We finished the staining of the cabinets..I'm not 100% thrilled with them, but they do look better than before. Dave says we are both being super picky, and at some point you do have to ask yourself if you can live with stuff or not. LOL
Pix to come.   

Monday, November 12, 2012

more details

Yeah! Vacation time. 
It's really a 'staycation' because I'm not going anywhere, I just have time to use or I lose it.
I picked up the sink from Gigi's the other day..but when I got it home, it had some pretty bad flaws.
I should have unwrapped it to check before I left.

 There is a rather nasty stripe where the porcelain is too thin. I called Gigi - and she was so apologetic, she hadn't unwrapped it either, so she felt awful. She said bring it back and they would re-do it.
Before I did, Dave was able to cut the new countertop and get the sink dry fitted.

I went with a simple faucet with a sprayer, trying to keep the retro look as much as possible
I still need to find a laminate for the counter top and the table. I would LOVE this if it was still made.

All the laminates in retro patterns that are available these days are too loud or too dark.
This is available, but I can't get the retro stuff above??? WTF!
The good news is I
 found a guy on Facebook that does the quilted stainless steel backsplashes for a great price,
 so that will get ordered soon.
It's only money, right? 
I ordered a Shasta sticker
  from HERE
in a metallic grey. It goes above the big front window.
Mike says it will be in the mail tomorrow. 
In the 'SCORE!' dept..I saw this cute sign on Pinterest and thought it would be adorable for Ellie Mae's kitchen. 
I was in BigLots the other day, 
and what did I see on clearance? 

Only $7.50!
 I almost did the happy dance right on the spot!
It's the perfect size and everything. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fun days away

I'm working in Santa Barbara for a few days..
yes, it's a tough life, I know.
my friend Bunny tagged along with me for some fun.
We drove past this giant pumpkin farm and had to stop and take some photos. Some of them were HUGE!

(I didn't see that 'No Trespassing" sign, did you Bun??)  

Bunny has a look inside

We headed over the hill to 
Los Olivos and of 
COURSE we had to go check out the 
"Enjoy Cupcakes" Trailer ~
Wow..she's a cutie. She is a bit smaller than Ellie Mae, which I loved.
  I was also
loving the wings and the wide whitewall tires and can't wait to get Ellie Mae her own.
She is older than Ellie Me, but I don't know what year exactly.

I had hoped to talk to the owners, but they
had a big crowd buying cupcakes, (no surprise)
  so I didn't get a chance. Bunny did
buy a couple cupcakes for us,
YUM! Thanks Bun!
Fun Photo Booth inside the Wine/Cupcake store..
Phoebe was camera-shy.

 Los Olivos is such a beautiful little
town, I could live there in heartbeat.

 Bun says it's way too sleepy for her,
but I like the country. And the wines :0)
We're coming home Saturday and then it's VACATION TIME for me! 
I'm off for 2 weeks.    

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It feels SO good to...


 To tell the truth, Dave and I were both dreading the job of staining the new interior wood...

he was way more freaked out about matching it to the old stuff than I was... 
So it was obvious this was a job I needed to do myself.

if it got screwed up, well, 
no one to blame but lil' old me, right?

So, I dove right in.

YES..I do work on this trailer too.
Here are the before and after's.
I think it came out nice
Not perfect,
but good enough! 

I almost forgot about the door!

Monday, November 5, 2012

little details...

Yesterday we added back the all-important Shasta emblem, and other little tags to the exterior.

It's funny how all that little stuff really makes a difference.
 She looks so much more 'dressed' now.
I also scored a really cool glass globe for the light above the dinette at the flea market

 Only 5 bucks!
(what a STEAL!!)
I love the retro star bursts engraved in the glass.

I think it's going to look great!
Dave's fixing a vintage fan I have had forever. 
It will add a lot to 
Ellie Mae, not to mention my
It's the perfect shade of 
retro turquoise.

Next up is staining the new birch
wood we installed...
and the oven.