Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Craigslist SCORE!

Everyone who has looked at this blog 
(all 3 of you...hi Bunny)
that the countertop thing has been a 
thorn in my side.

Well, I decided I'd look on Craigslist today, not really expecting anything
..and what did I find?

I emailed the lady, she says someone is coming out Sat to look at it. 
I say, "look, I NEED this. I'll give you double".

She says "SOLD".

Unfortunately, it isn't enough to do the counter AND the table.
But whatever, it was so perfect I had to get it.
I can do the countertop Dave says.
The table usually has a tablecloth anyway, and maybe I can find a matching solid pink for the table.
This pattern is from the late 1950's and you can't even find a picture of it! 

I feel pretty lucky, even though I didn't get enough of it for the whole trailer.


In OTHER kitchen news, I also found a local source for the quilted stainless steel backsplash, and that will be ready to pick up 
We might actually be close to lookin' GOOD for our little Trailer Show in Oxnard!


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