Friday, August 31, 2012

Not much progress to report for this past few days..I had to go to Vegas for work, Dave has a roofing job, and Ken is probably happy to get back to his real job for awhile too.

Hopefully this long weekend we will be able to knock out a few things on the trailer. I think she was getting used to the constant attention!

Dave did replace all the broken glass with the new panes I got. That's a small thing, but it sure makes a difference! 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Show me the Door!

This past weekend was "build a new door" weekend.
Dave says that was the last tough job to do.
The old door was kicked in at the bottom, and the wood was rotten.
Taking it apart

Pulling the skin off

 Not only was it rotted and bent, the latch was broken in two places. Thank God Dave is also a welder, he was able to weld back the two pieces. It would have been almost impossible to find another lock.

Weld, then grind...repeat..

The guys had to build a whole new door frame as well.

The new door gets a new birch skin, insulation that it didn't have before, and the now fixed lock is put back on.

The aluminum skin is rolled back out, reapplied to the new frame, and it's ready to be dry fit...

Looks great!

We also put on the now polished window rain caps. They aren't perfect, but I think they still look great.

 Phoebe has a nice snooze while we worked..

Lot's of work accomplished this weekend..
Great job guys!

Next up, new "J" railing on the other side.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Dave is sorting out some wiring inside..said something about 'an inverter'?
Okay, not sure what that is, but he says I need one. Okay.

We also worked on straightening out the old window drip rails. I had bought new ones, but once I got them I realized they were wrong.

Guy at the RV place said don't worry, you can bring them I took them back, he changed his story and said they were a 'special order' and I couldn't return them.
Next time, I will make the sales guy write the return policy on the receipt.
Dave worked on the original rails, which actually were pretty easy to make look good.
So lessons learned;
Newer is not better.
And don't trust shady salespeople, get stuff in writing.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We've got the bends

Yesterday we worked on the 
'J' railing.
Dave wants to get her sealed up water tight asap..he fears we'll get a summer storm soon.
At least this lower part is new, so I didn't have to polish it!
takes some muscle to bend it

cutting it off
The other side is one loooong 'J' rail..and it just refuses to shine up. I tried and tried. Finally I told Dave I just want to put a new one on. Yes we will have to do 2 pieces, but the current one looks so bad I don't think I have a choice.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

fridge work & fun stuff

Had to post this inspiration photo...
with my trailer so torn up, it 
helps me to remember the end result will be worth it.
and speaking of worth it...picked up this for the trailer..I am sure it will get tons of use. ;0)
 and now, I have a fridge installed!

Cabinet shelf dropped down and given more support underneath to hold the fridge
(Dave moved a board as I snapped the picture)

Stoppers will keep the fridge in place until it's bolted in

Lookin' good!

The black interior will take some getting used to..
Pheebs is always happy to see Bobbi & Neche
Dave fits the original top door to the new bottom space. This is going to look great!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fridge time

Dave says it's time for a fridge.
So, after much consideration..
5 minutes, tops~
..a 2 way fridge costs more than I paid for the whole trailer..

I went with the Costco special.
Dave will have to modify the cabinet a bit to accommodate it, but not too much. I want to keep the Shasta as original as possible, but hey...a clean new working fridge is a MUST. 
I got this one:
On sale at Costco for $100.
The interior is black, which is bit weird, but hey, for $100 who cares?
I like my white wine COLD, ya know?
Meanwhile Dave built the dinette seat supports today. We are installing bigger water tanks 
(Dave says you use WAY more water than you think you will when you're camping)..
 so we had to modify the existing setup to this:

The water tanks will fit under the dinette seats. He doubled up on the support since I plan on having the original seats re-upholstered, and they are kinda heavy to begin with.

I am also gonna change that ugly light fixture (above the fan..)

I know it is original, but it's ugly, and I ain't donating this thing to a museum. LOL
Sometimes you gotta make an exective decision.
Anyone who knows me KNOWS I love vintage, but Ugly vintage?
Not in my trailer!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Today it's Bedtime!
Dave says he's got to build the bed so he can then get the wiring in,
I just nod and pull out the debit card, it's off to Home Depot/RV Supply Store for us..
Bed area BEFORE the bed..LOL

 Meanwhile, I can work on sanding...this area had a WICKED black spill of some sort. Yuck.
 Opps..sanded a bit TOO hard. Oh well, there are always pillows, right?

Bed almost done

I said " Dave, gimme your BEST " I BUILD THE &%$#" SMILE"...LOL

Sunday, August 12, 2012

BiRtHdAy!'s my birthday...
(I'm's my blog and I can lie if I wanna...HA) 

Ken says "What would you like to do today? It's YOUR Day!"

What do I want?
To work on the TRAILER, of course! LOL

(isn't that what every girl wants?)

The front has bad it had to come out.

Get the measurements right guys!
What a mess!!!

More mess....

More measuring...

This piece of birch has a big grain...I was worried, but it ended up being below the bench dinette seats. *Whew*

This weed grew up INSIDE the edge... You think this trailer sat for awhile? LOL

adding some support

 Of course we all have to sign it!
Did I mention it was 98 degrees, with about 60% HUMIDITY? UGH!

 This trailer is going to be more solid than the day it left the factory!

 Insulation installed. This stuff is so itchy and gross.
Finally, we can put the skin back on..and call it a day!

the dogs enjoy the pool...while we mix up some Margarita's and seek the air conditioning. Done for the day!