Thursday, June 13, 2013

A DIY Pinterest project..

While at the Vintage Flea, Bun & I noticed folks were very tentative about going inside the trailer.

 I have s*#& FOR SALE in there people...

So we resorted to making a sign out of leftover cardboard...
which promptly
thanked us by falling off

~most likely trying to end it's sorry existence. 
I am not very good at hand lettering.~ 

So today, since the only thing I sell is out of stock and I have nothing to do...
I thought I would try to make a cool sign to hang up on the door that might let people know it is OKAY to go in and have a looky.

So, #1, it has to be lightweight and not scratch anything.
# 2. It has to be cheap.
#3. It has to look 'retro'.

Hello Pinterest!

I had this saved, because I loved the vintage look...

I also found a Tutorial for making vintage Letters with lights...SO awesome and easy looking!
(like THIS)

So I thought, I can do this! 
I can make a cute sign
that will hang on the door, and will be lightweight and vintage looking at the same time!

Okay. I cut out an arrow after finding a cute pic online. 
I used foam board I already had.
(CHEAP, remember?)
I glued/taped it all together. 
Here's the general idea:

3 layers..but who's counting?
 I had to print the "Come In" 3 times onto tissue paper before I got a good one, but hey, it's my first time, okay? 

ModPodge is my new friend!
It's not done, 
I will have to paint the arrow and find a string of battery operated 'mini-lights' to insert in it, but so far I am pretty happy with it!

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  1. Mind. Blown.
    So dang cute. Can't wait to see it complete!