Friday, May 17, 2013

a new adventure...

While out in Temecula for work yesterday,
 I stumbled upon this darling shop.
(because I CANNOT pass up a vintage store, as we know)

People, there are lots of stores 
around that sell vintage, but these gals do it right! 
The goods are displayed beautifully,
 and the prices are very fair!

After having a look around 
and buying a couple items I was positive I needed..
they mentioned they have a Flea Market 
coming up. I told them about Ellie Mae and they loved the idea of having us.
So, looks like Bunny and I will be vendors on June 1st
at the Ivy Street Flea Market in Murietta.

Now, I guess I better figure out HOW to back my trailer in!

Every trailer has to have flamingos, right?
I stumbled upon these two at the
99 Cent's Store..
and they are smaller sized so they are 
perfect for the trailer.

You can't beat $2!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

measure twice..

So I saw a smokin' deal online for a foam Score!
I wasn't fond of the air mattress idea anyway.
Foam just sounds comfy, right?
It arrived all tightly rolled into a nice small size that was easy to get into the trailer.
All I had to do was unwrap it, and give it a day or two to fluff itself out.

This ^ is what happens when you assume you have room for a queen sized
It grew..a LOT!
No matter, we can cut it..I read that an electric turkey knife can do the job. Off to Bed, Bath and Beyond. 
I never have the coupon when I need it.