Tuesday, November 20, 2012

more flea market finds..

Another score!

I went to my swap today, not expecting much since it was rainy..but then I saw this!


It looks gold, but that's just a yellowed coating over the chrome,  it will look great once I get it cleaned up. I love a bargain!
Here is a trailer with it's bar cart and vintage goodies.

Dave's working on all the wiring..battery, water pump, etc.
It's complicated. He says I need 2 inverters, a deep cycle marine battery, etc. Yawn.

We ordered custom water tanks for under the seats. Dave has a sweet connection for those, thank God.

That stuff isn't as fun to spend $$ on, to be honest. I'd rather be decorating! 

But I DO want to be able to run everything at once, LOL, so I am glad Dave knows what he's doing.
I just hope it isn't like this when it is done.


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