Monday, November 12, 2012

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Yeah! Vacation time. 
It's really a 'staycation' because I'm not going anywhere, I just have time to use or I lose it.
I picked up the sink from Gigi's the other day..but when I got it home, it had some pretty bad flaws.
I should have unwrapped it to check before I left.

 There is a rather nasty stripe where the porcelain is too thin. I called Gigi - and she was so apologetic, she hadn't unwrapped it either, so she felt awful. She said bring it back and they would re-do it.
Before I did, Dave was able to cut the new countertop and get the sink dry fitted.

I went with a simple faucet with a sprayer, trying to keep the retro look as much as possible
I still need to find a laminate for the counter top and the table. I would LOVE this if it was still made.

All the laminates in retro patterns that are available these days are too loud or too dark.
This is available, but I can't get the retro stuff above??? WTF!
The good news is I
 found a guy on Facebook that does the quilted stainless steel backsplashes for a great price,
 so that will get ordered soon.
It's only money, right? 
I ordered a Shasta sticker
  from HERE
in a metallic grey. It goes above the big front window.
Mike says it will be in the mail tomorrow. 
In the 'SCORE!' dept..I saw this cute sign on Pinterest and thought it would be adorable for Ellie Mae's kitchen. 
I was in BigLots the other day, 
and what did I see on clearance? 

Only $7.50!
 I almost did the happy dance right on the spot!
It's the perfect size and everything. 

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