Saturday, November 17, 2012


My oven panels are done!
.. it only took like a MONTH or more..grr

But it looks so much better.
  I HATED that grey with a passion. The yellow is nice, not too dark or light.
I look forward to using it now!
Before: YUCK

The sink got done again, and now it is perfect.
We installed the light, and I am on the fence about it. I love the starbursts..but the size is somewhat out of proportion.
I'll leave it for now but I really wish I could find the same globe in a smaller size.

Does it look like a Disco Ball?
We finished the staining of the cabinets..I'm not 100% thrilled with them, but they do look better than before. Dave says we are both being super picky, and at some point you do have to ask yourself if you can live with stuff or not. LOL
Pix to come.   

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