Saturday, November 24, 2012


Exciting stuff.?.
 The water tanks are here.

Here they are, in their new home under the dinette seats. Dave said I could have a outside water fill put in, but that would mean cutting another hole through the body, near the door. 
I don't want to add more holes. 
He says I may change my mind, but the less I have to mutilate the outer skin I just had painted 
 work the better.
I like original, or as close to it as we can get.
As it stands I will have to slide the seat forward to add water to the tank, but you have to suffer a bit for beauty's sake, right?
 Ellie Mae also got her Shasta sticker put on.
Bobi helped

 I think it looks a bit too much to the right..but that is how it measured. 

..also due to a trailer parked in front of Ellie Mae, I couldn't get a dead on front photo. 
If I still don't like it, I'll see about moving it tomorrow.
 There isn't much I can do while Dave is wiring, plumbing and installing all the stuff, so all I really did today was polish the window trim. 

Sigh. Polishing is never done. 
Don't even get me started about all the rain spots on her after this last rain!

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