Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fun days away

I'm working in Santa Barbara for a few days..
yes, it's a tough life, I know.
my friend Bunny tagged along with me for some fun.
We drove past this giant pumpkin farm and had to stop and take some photos. Some of them were HUGE!

(I didn't see that 'No Trespassing" sign, did you Bun??)  

Bunny has a look inside

We headed over the hill to 
Los Olivos and of 
COURSE we had to go check out the 
"Enjoy Cupcakes" Trailer ~
Wow..she's a cutie. She is a bit smaller than Ellie Mae, which I loved.
  I was also
loving the wings and the wide whitewall tires and can't wait to get Ellie Mae her own.
She is older than Ellie Me, but I don't know what year exactly.

I had hoped to talk to the owners, but they
had a big crowd buying cupcakes, (no surprise)
  so I didn't get a chance. Bunny did
buy a couple cupcakes for us,
YUM! Thanks Bun!
Fun Photo Booth inside the Wine/Cupcake store..
Phoebe was camera-shy.

 Los Olivos is such a beautiful little
town, I could live there in heartbeat.

 Bun says it's way too sleepy for her,
but I like the country. And the wines :0)
We're coming home Saturday and then it's VACATION TIME for me! 
I'm off for 2 weeks.    

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