Saturday, September 29, 2012

NeW Friends

Dave and Bobbi introduced me to Bev & Bill, who live in the canyon and have a '57 Shasta Compact.
What a nice couple, and what a cute vintage trailer they have!
 I somehow didn't get a picture of them with their little Shasta, I was so in awe looking at it I forgot to snap lot's of pictures. ?

Here is a pic of Bill and Bev at a rally. Love her dress! 
I can't wait to take my trailer to some of these events. Bev says everyone is super nice and it's great fun dolling up your trailer with vintage goodies.

...I have enough vintage stuff to doll up a whole rally, God knows.

Now we just have to convince Dave and Bobbi that VINTAGE Rv'ing is the way to go!

It only took a second to make this

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