Monday, September 17, 2012

Ellie Mae has LIGHTS!

I decided to stay home instead of heading up to Santa was a bit cooler 
(97 degrees..ha!) 
and I wanted to make some progress. I wish I could have gone to see all the vintage trailers...but I am gonna make going to the Buellton rally WITH Ellie Mae in tow as a goal for next year!

Anyway, we got so much DONE..
I LOVE weekends like this!
I polished and polished...thank GOD for all the beautiful shade trees on Dave and Bobbi's property ..

 Dave came up and said 
" Let's do the lights "

Two Dave's are better than one!

 We got lucky as the original wiring was in good shape, AND when Dave tested them all...the lights all worked just like they should!

I think Dave was expecting a bit of a nightmare, but everything worked perfectly the very first time!

Sometimes, you just get lucky.

Measuring the position

Make it water tight

Lens on and it looks great!

other side in..

 How about that polish job, eh?


FINALLY Ellie Mae has a rear end to be proud of!

I polished up a little vent that needed to go back on..

And that was the end of this weekend.

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