Monday, September 24, 2012

another Shasta Sunday

today was "paint the roof day" for me. 
Wow, what a difference paint makes. Ellie Mae's roof looked pretty sad before, but after a gallon of the rubbery roof stuff, it looks brand new!

today was 'fix the stove day' for Dave. When we first got the trailer, the burners worked, but the oven didn't.

After some new/old parts were installed, and a small little fire was put out (EEK!)
Dave got it all sorted out and now I have an oven that works perfectly.
Oven heating up

I still hate the grey color though.
The panels I got from another stove don't I'll have to figure something out for these ugly grey originals. Yuck.
Dave said powder coating might work.

At least the inside is nice and new looking. It doesn't look like it was ever used and it's a happy blue color. :0)
I have some parts to take home to try to clean up....

You can't even see what I worked on today..but it's one more thing I can cross off the list. Dave says next up is some bondo work on the lower half. He used to own a body shop, so he knows how to do that thankfully. Then we'll get to paint her!

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