Saturday, September 22, 2012

Shasta Saturday


Hi all!

Today was a great day..we got a lot done. That's a great feeling. Sometimes, this project just seems NEVER ENDING and it gets scary.
But today, it seems like we turned a corner and are in the home stretch, headed towards 1st!

Dave said soon I will need to decide on the exterior color. Wow..I actually haven't made up my mind about that yet.

I think Ellie Mae might end up being a coral-pink, but Dave (being a guy) is pushing me towards blue. 

 I didn't know we were so close to painting...I thought I had more time to think about this!
Meanwhile, we got her all prepped for the roof paint, which we will do tomorrow. Today being prep, kind of equals 'no fun'...but tomorrow we will knock it out.

Dave sanded the top...while I scraped & scraped the silicone around the J rail on both sides. 

(You don't wanna KNOW how dirty your hair is after a day like today. UGH)

Phoebe however, knows how to spend a Saturday..naps are in order!

Ellie Mae also got a new threshold, which was badly needed..the old one being a ripped up piece of metal that would tear your foot off.
Dave fabricated a piece of metal and got that on..

Looks MUCH better..
 He also got to work on the step. While it isn't an original "Shasta" step with the cool logo cast in it, it IS welded on strong, and totally functional. So he pounded it out as straight as possible and we will be happy with that. I will paint it down the line of course.

Yup, looks and works just fine!
Next it was time to throw some ribs on the BBQ and have a great dinner. Thanks Dave and Bobbie again for all the nice things you do for me!

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