Friday, October 12, 2012

behind the scenes..

Not much happening on Ellie Mae...I needed to be in Vegas for work for a whole week 
and Dave was busy on regular jobs. I did decide to bite the bullet and have my oven re-porcelained.
I am thinking a yellow color, somewhere in between butter and darker.
Gigi's is in Hollydale, right down the street from a stable I grew up riding at.
It's NOT cheap folks! 
At this point it is better for me not to do the math on everything spent so far..but I can't help it. I want to do it right.
The old sink went in too. The sink will just be white. 
Tomorrow we will start some bodywork. The rain is supposed to be over now
(I don't know about that...there are still dark clouds this afternoon) 
so we'll see what we can get done.

~ fUn StUff~

I did make a fabric flag banner and then had to make a mini one, just because the 1st came out so cute! Full size banners cost $25 on Etsy, and seriously it takes all of 1/2 an hour to whip one out. It's more fun to make it yourself anyway!

(Bad pix, camera phone)

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