Monday, August 6, 2012

TON'S of work done!

We dedicated Sat & Sun to working on the trailer. Hard to believe we've only had it for a week and done this much to it already! The guys worked like CrAzY!
They fixed the wheel well that was destroyed during a blow out someone had, welded on a support beam that was missing (Dave said the whole wall was basically held together by the cabinets) and so much more.

Check out the new back end! No more wobbles and no more sag.
I'll bet this trailer is stronger than it was from the factory! 
A new birch interior skin and more support in the rear will make it nice and stable.
My guys can fix ANYTHING!

Blown tire did a LOT of damage..
needs more pounding and fiberglass

Welding a new support bar on

Hey what's under here?
Wobbly wood..great..

wow...the wall is bowed out. Not good.

Shoring up the ceiling while we get the wall straight

This is going to be beautiful eventually

New support beams being added.

The guys worked long and hard...I owe them a beer and my gratitude. I sure am lucky that I have wonderful people in
my life!

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  1. The first thing we did to mine was fix the same wall you guys did. Mine bowed out too and once we removed the skin we realized the middle 1x2 that ran down the side of the window wasn't even one solid board--it was 2! I don't know how some of these things held together for so long but we're using 1x4's for framing so it will be better than new.