Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fridge time

Dave says it's time for a fridge.
So, after much consideration..
5 minutes, tops~
..a 2 way fridge costs more than I paid for the whole trailer..

I went with the Costco special.
Dave will have to modify the cabinet a bit to accommodate it, but not too much. I want to keep the Shasta as original as possible, but hey...a clean new working fridge is a MUST. 
I got this one:
On sale at Costco for $100.
The interior is black, which is bit weird, but hey, for $100 who cares?
I like my white wine COLD, ya know?
Meanwhile Dave built the dinette seat supports today. We are installing bigger water tanks 
(Dave says you use WAY more water than you think you will when you're camping)..
 so we had to modify the existing setup to this:

The water tanks will fit under the dinette seats. He doubled up on the support since I plan on having the original seats re-upholstered, and they are kinda heavy to begin with.

I am also gonna change that ugly light fixture (above the fan..)

I know it is original, but it's ugly, and I ain't donating this thing to a museum. LOL
Sometimes you gotta make an exective decision.
Anyone who knows me KNOWS I love vintage, but Ugly vintage?
Not in my trailer!

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