Friday, August 10, 2012

More done, but not by me...

I've had to work my regular job pretty much all this week..

(don't they know I'm BUSY ? lol )

but Dave continues to get stuff handled.

He pounded out the wheel well, and fiberglassed it..

He also got the side wall all screwed in securely and was able to take down the interior roof support beams we had holding it..
 I was half expecting the whole trailer to make at least a noise (or worse) when he took them down, but she is SOLID!

 The seams are now water-tight, nailed and are ready for the "j" rail, after paint/polishing.

 Next he will finish the wheel well, install that bit of flooring missing (see hole above) and start to build the bed platform back in. We are extending it to the cabinets for some extra sleeping room.
You can see I have some shellac work to do. The seams we will cover with birch finish strips. I am hoping it won't be too hard to get close to the vintage color the wood has. 

She needs her new vintage style rear lights too..on backorder from Vintage Trailer Supply, maybe in 2 weeks? Can't wait to get them on, she looks a little naked without them.
She needs wings too...but those can wait. Why is the fun stuff always LAST? :0)

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