Sunday, August 12, 2012

BiRtHdAy!'s my birthday...
(I'm's my blog and I can lie if I wanna...HA) 

Ken says "What would you like to do today? It's YOUR Day!"

What do I want?
To work on the TRAILER, of course! LOL

(isn't that what every girl wants?)

The front has bad it had to come out.

Get the measurements right guys!
What a mess!!!

More mess....

More measuring...

This piece of birch has a big grain...I was worried, but it ended up being below the bench dinette seats. *Whew*

This weed grew up INSIDE the edge... You think this trailer sat for awhile? LOL

adding some support

 Of course we all have to sign it!
Did I mention it was 98 degrees, with about 60% HUMIDITY? UGH!

 This trailer is going to be more solid than the day it left the factory!

 Insulation installed. This stuff is so itchy and gross.
Finally, we can put the skin back on..and call it a day!

the dogs enjoy the pool...while we mix up some Margarita's and seek the air conditioning. Done for the day!

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