Monday, August 27, 2012

Show me the Door!

This past weekend was "build a new door" weekend.
Dave says that was the last tough job to do.
The old door was kicked in at the bottom, and the wood was rotten.
Taking it apart

Pulling the skin off

 Not only was it rotted and bent, the latch was broken in two places. Thank God Dave is also a welder, he was able to weld back the two pieces. It would have been almost impossible to find another lock.

Weld, then grind...repeat..

The guys had to build a whole new door frame as well.

The new door gets a new birch skin, insulation that it didn't have before, and the now fixed lock is put back on.

The aluminum skin is rolled back out, reapplied to the new frame, and it's ready to be dry fit...

Looks great!

We also put on the now polished window rain caps. They aren't perfect, but I think they still look great.

 Phoebe has a nice snooze while we worked..

Lot's of work accomplished this weekend..
Great job guys!

Next up, new "J" railing on the other side.

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