Monday, October 29, 2012

ReTro vs. PepTo

So I'm saying 'buh-bye' to the  
Pepto Bismol Pink...

And "helloOo" to coral... she is wearing her new color:


Much better!

 It does look kind of light in the picture they just sent me. They said it gets darker when it's dry...but
I don't know if these photos were taken while it was wet or dry. 
I'm going to have to wait till I see it in person.

At least it looks more Retro than 'Pepto'!

Rudy & Richard at 1-Day Paint
in Garden Grove are seriously
they have given 110% to make sure
I am happy with the job...
they even called in the expert from Sherwin Williams to mix the color up, custom, while I was there, so we would get exactly what we were looking for. 

I can't say enough about how great these guys are. If you need something painted, GO HERE! 

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