Saturday, October 13, 2012

life in the canyon..

I always look forward to going to the trailer..aka Dave & Bobbi's house.
The canyon is peaceful and it feels like a million miles away from city life.
These are common sites:

Turkeys out for a stroll

and Deer!!! :0)
The turkeys were all out of their pen and wandering around. Maybe making a break for it?
Today these deer were down by the to the road, so close I could almost pet them, but by the time I found my darn camera they wandered on up the hill.
So beautiful!
Dave introduced me to a cowboy riding by on a paint horse, turns out he is Rusty Richards
one of the Sons of the Pioneers
the original band of Roy Rogers.
My dad will flip when I tell

Ellie Mae did get worked on today ~
it was time for some Bondo.
I have to say, that stuff is awful,
 horribly smelly, dusty to sand, and just not fun at all.
Even Dave hated it, and he used to do it all the time.
We may just haul the trailer to Santa Ana and let some guys do it.
It's that nasty.


and more bondo...

rebuilt light and painted frame

Yay! The license plate holder is back on

 Sunday we will buckle her up and take her on Monday to a few paint shops to get some quotes, I am praying it won't be much.

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