Monday, October 15, 2012

Off to the Paint Shops

Ellie Mae finally got to go out today...1st time out since I got her. We hitched her up and hauled off to get some quotes on bodywork and paint. Wow. Way more expensive than I first thought...but everything is more expensive these days, isn't it?
It was fun watching people's reactions to seeing the trailer...we got some smiles and a few thumbs up.
We stopped at 5-6 shops, and it turned out everyone was around the same price, give or take $400 or so.
Sweet old Rolls Royce at 1 Day
This Rolls belonged to Foster Grant, of  Foster Grant Sunglasses... I wish I had got a few more pictures of it, it was a beauty. No idea why it was at a place like 1 Day Paint!

We noticed a bunch of Airstreams parked in a lot...we had to check it out of course....

 It was a shop that restores only Airstreams...they weren't very friendly folks...but it looked like they did nice work.

Got back and I talked Dave into installing an old mirror I have had forever. I love how it looks. We have a few things to do to the trailer before she goes back to get I now have to find some misc. items to get her ready.

 It will be nice to get the painting done and get onto the inside.

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