Friday, April 11, 2014

Old Navy Party continued..

Time to haul Ellie Mae down to her gig, the Old Navy Party in Coachella.
Dave & Michael, Tim and Bobbi came over to help me move her out of her little space
and get her all spiffy.

Next morning, I take off and all is well!

As I'm hauling down the freeway, people are suddenly waving at me, and not in the
 'Hi your trailer is really cute" kinda way,
but in a "something's wrong" kind of way.

Uh oh.

A truckload of guys shouted
 "You are dragging your bumper!"

I'm not sure, but THIS may have been me!

Sure enough, I get pulled over and get my spare tire off...eeek!


My new motto 

So, we made it there with no other mishaps.  But the event staff wasn't ready for us.

No worries, 'just park them over there' the
event planner said, as she sweated in the heat. They all flew in from NY to do this job. 

I'll just wait here till y'all are ready for me....

Archive's teeny trailer

PRISTINE Airstream

Regina's new Airstream is a BEAUTY! I wish I had time to snap some photos of the inside when I had a chance. It's totally original, and everything works. Hubby says they found it on Craigslist and the only thing they had to do to it was re-tile the floor. 
Dang, I am jealous!
 (I could never haul such a large trailer..but  would love the Bambi version of this!)

Party set-up pictures to follow...

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