Saturday, August 17, 2013

table trials...

Between work craziness, 
 4 wild dogs
for my friends..
getting a new TV and 
a new has been a bit hectic.

But finally we did something for Ellie Mae!
It's time for the table to match the counter.

I figured this wouldn't be hard. It looks pretty easy on the YouTube videos after all.
Smear the glue, wait a bit, slap it together and then just trim off the edges.
Piece of 

Well...try it with Formica that has been curled up in a roll
 "since before we were born"
 quips Dave...

Not so easy! 

And the super-duper glue I found that's supposed to be the BEST (and therefore, no longer available)
ended up not co-operating at all.

It's like the glue and the Formica took one look at each other and it was 
hate at 1st sight.

We weighed it down with whatever heavy stuff was laying around..
and checked it the next day.
It looked great! 
Dave buzzed the router around it and we admired our job.
For about 10 minutes.

Then it started to lift!

So, more glue, more weight,
and now we are giving it a few days under all the junk..

Keep your fingers crossed!

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