Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fun Finds!

 I met Bunny for a new (to me anyway) 
Flea Market in Orange. 
It's a smaller one, but full of goodies and free to get in!
We might be vendors there in May, if I have anything left to sell

I scored a vintage metal chair that I have been hunting for, it's just the perfect amount of old and new. 
It's been repainted about 100 times, and there is a bit of rust, so in other words, 
it's perfect! Comfy too. 

I also got a little set of canisters..
I love them but I found a set I like better, so up for sale they go!

(Click here if you want them)
Here's the set I got down in Palm Desert. 
They match my stuff better. 
I couldn't resist the Fresh Egg sign either.

Still need a countertop and a backsplash. There is a new line of retro laminate out that I am waiting on a sample of. 
It seems like there is always something left to do.

Like CAMP for instance!

Phoebe is ready..

 I'm ready for summer and some hot weather.
The beach is calling!