Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Here is an example of some of the shots from the photoshoot Ellie Mae had.
aren't they pretty? 


Meanwhile, in the more mundane department...I'm still trying to find a countertop that I like...why is it so hard

A guy at a swap meet told me that here in the state of California they have outlawed the glues, so the new laminate counter tops are crappy to begin with.

I got a sample of this pattern ...but I think it has more of a 70's nope, that won't work.

Hmmm..I may have to hunt in Arizona, since I go there often.
Maybe some old store has a secret stash of vintage formica.

(well, a girl can dream, right?) the flooring department,
nothing happening there either. 
I saw this trailer for sale on Ebay..and look at that floor! 
click to enlarge
 If that's original, it's in amazing shape!
I really want to find this exact style...the colors are perfect.

This is also cute..but maybe too busy?

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  1. Hi Brenda,,,, thanx for popping in on my blog (graciesvictorianrose)...
    I luv the retro Boomerang Formica,,, but darn it's expensive as all get out!
    As for my table in my Serro Scotty...(Gnome Home) I took my table, put 2 coats of 'Ocean Blue" (color) gloss paint down,,, then allowed it to cure for a couple days. I then photo copies trailer photos from the internet,,, and used 'Mod Podge' to decopaupge them on. again, allowed a couple of days to completely dry...and then I sprayed on 2 coats of clear verathane gloss tossed some gold glitter all around...and let it dry. Then I used a rag to wipe off any glitter that did not stick down well. After that I put 2 more coats of spray on gloss... easy peasy. Hope that helps you... you could do a mini trial run on scrap wood and experiment with the amount of glitter that makes your heart skip a beat! lol!