Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Small things, and BIG things

Okay, so I am told I need to get some screws. A LOT of them apparently. Thanks to the Shasta Forum, I kinda know what I need.

So, I look online and call a bulk supply place, located close to me.


You know how dealing with customer service reps these days usually requires the patience & faith of Mother Teresa, AND no small amount of foreign language skills?

I normally look like this in about a nano-second.
So anyway, I got the local place on the phone, who said that they could get me what I needed...but I would be better off calling 
These People they could do it way cheaper. He even gave me the web address and the phone number.

Someone honest? And that cares about my pocketbook?


Okay. So I thank him and look it up. Place order online. No shipping charge? 

Order placed... Feeling good!
Went to trailer and did some stuff. Dave says she needs some woodwork to shore up the sagging back end. 
(Don't we all?)

So I come home...and what is waiting for me at my doorstep?

That's right!
On the same DAY that I placed it?!!

All I have to say is..

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