Sunday, September 15, 2013

I had to do it...

~remember I mentioned that I might have 
a little redneck blood?~

Well, you know, if you have a trailer..
 you have to have Flamingos...right?

I bought these two...

I just love how they are such a sweet 
soft pink, instead of the harsh 'hot pink' 
the newer models are.

I also love how they are faded from hanging
out on someone's lawn all these years.
I like to imagine mine hung out on Maddie Weston's lawn.
(from "Burn Notice"..a personal fave)

On the same day..I got this in my inbox 
 from the 'Retro Renovation' website....

An article about the origins of the  Flamingos.

I think mine are Don Featherstone originals.

Retro Renovation is a cool website that 
has lots of neat articles
on retro houses. 


Have you heard the newest thing is 

"Flamingo Yard Bombing"?

You wake up at 2am and instead of 
T.P. all over your house...there are 100's of 
pink plastic flamingos on your lawn!

(WHY does this not happen to me???)


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