Saturday, February 23, 2013

All dressed up....

...and nowhere to go.

 ~ Our photo shoot got rescheduled.~

Well, it ended up okay because we got eLLIE mAE all spiffed up and pretty.

All set to go....
I ended up putting in a piece of indoor/outdoor carpet just to cover the ugly beat up wood floor until I can find flooring
I like.

I can't believe how much that one detail changes the whole trailer! 
Now it seems so clean and cozy,
I can finally say I would camp in this thing!

 So since we were all hitched up anyway, 
I got some lessons on how to tow and back up a trailer.
NOT as easy as you would think. 

I will need more practice for

    We got tons of these ^ from other drivers..but only Dave & Bobbi noticed..
I was too paranoid driving to see anything else!


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